About World Wide Farms

World Wide Farms is a grower, packer and distributor of fresh culinary herbs and greens. Our original company was founded by Vern Meyer in 1986. operating out of a small barn. In 2008 we became World Wide Farms – recognizing that we own and operate farms in the United States and Mexico. Along with some other global strategic partners we can offer an uninterrupted supply of the finest fresh produce available anywhere.

We grow our organic products bio- dynamically, nurturing the soil so that our products have the highest nutrient and essential oils available, while taking care of the Earth and us at the same time. In our greenhouses we use the same bio-dynamic principles while incorporating the latest controlled environment technologies to extend our growing season in our USA farms and Mexico. 

Our customer base represents some of the largest retailers, food service and home replacement customers in the greater Midwest. We look forward to work with you and exceed your expectations. 

Meet Our Team

Vern Meyer


Vern Meyer had a vision to grow fresh herbs on a commercial scale, making them available year round for consumers, private and industrial. He has put together a network of world class farms, staffed by people he has worked with for over 25 years.

Manuel Ochoa


Manuel Ochoa has been in the herb business since 1995. He is a vital part of production, imports and operations management. Manuel has traveled all over to farms ranging from the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia, inspecting farms and meeting growers.

Howard Roeder


Howard has extensive experience in the fresh food business, including in the fresh herb industry. He brings his strong financial and customer/sales skills to the team as the newest member of management at World Wide Farms.

Contact Us

World Wide Farms

27373 W. Route 176, Wauconda, IL 60084

Phone (847) 487-6855 / FAX (847) 487-6805